Twisted Beautiee 2

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"You fucked me because you wanted to - because you wanted me..." I said matter-of-factly. "You've been fuckin' my husband for weeks - hell - for all I know - you probably fuckin' other men too - he can't trust you any more than I can trust him..." I laughed."It's not what you think!" he yelled."What the fuck is it then?" I yelled back. "Have you been fuckin' my husband or not?""I love him!" he yelled."You what?" I asked as I got up in his face."I love him," he sighed as he sat down and covered his face with his hands... "And I love you too...""You love me? Since when?""I've always loved you Beautiee," he said as he tried to put his hand on my shoulder."You've got major issues," I laughed as I pushed his hand off my shoulder."I'm serious Beautiee.""Well - you've got a fucked up way of showing it," I laughed."I never meant to hurt you...," he sighed."Yea - you and Bazil have that in common," I laughed."Look Beautiee... we couldn't help it...""Don't waste your breath Trevor," I interrupted as I got up to leave. "Ya know - it's a shame you're not straight," I said as I put my gun in my bag and I put my bag on my shoulder. "You're nice lookin', you have a good job, a nice portfolio, and a nice dick - you could use a refresher course in how to please a woman but overall, I'd say you have potential," I said as I put on my coat and headed towards the door...
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  • ISBN/Varenr: 9780998576572
  • Utgivelsesdato: 17.02.2020
  • Utgivelsesår: 2020
  • Forlag: Vibrant Blue Oils
  • Innbinding: Heftet
  • Serie: Twisted
  • Nummer i serien: 2
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Personer: Wilson, Tracy
  • Litteraturtype: Skjønnlitteratur
  • Emne: Fiction / Adult
  • Målgruppe: Voksne
  • Aldersgrense: 0
  • Opplag: 0
  • Utgave: 0
  • Illustrert: Nei
  • Sider: 202