The Story of Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Discover the life of Lin-Manuel Miranda--a story about creating change through art, for kids ages 6 to 9

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an award-winning composer, actor, and playwright--best known for the hit musical Hamilton, which he created! Before he changed the world of entertainment, Lin-Manuel was an intelligent young boy who loved music and musicals. He was inspired to write his own songs and plays, and his life changed when the plays he wrote became huge successes on Broadway. This book explores how Lin-Manuel went from being an artistic boy growing up in New York City to a rising star and Pulitzer Prize winner.

What sets this book apart from other Lin-Manuel Miranda books for kids:

  • Core curriculum--Kids will learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Lin-Manuel's life so far, and take a quick quiz to test their knowledge.
  • Short chapters--This book engages young readers with brief, easy-to-digest chapters that make it a breeze to keep reading.
  • His living legacy--Kids will discover how Lin-Manuel has transformed the performing arts and brought Broadway plays to a wider audience.

How will Lin-Manuel's dedication to his art and activism inspire the child in your life?
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