Rabbit Takes A Walk

Rabbit Takes A Walk
Rabbit Takes A Walk
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Rabbit loves to take walks with the people in her life. In this story, Rabbit the Dog takes six different types of walks. On each walk she shares the best things about each walk and concerns she has. And, to be honest, Rabbit can be a little bit lazy so you will also hear how Rabbit asks, "Are we there yet?"

In this naptime/early reader story, Rabbit the Dog explores many of her senses during each walk. What does she feel, smell, hear, and see? (She does not taste anything, but smell is very similar.) The child(ren) who is hearing this story should also reflect on some of their favorite walks and what they remember most about those adventures. The memories will most likely be very pleasant. And, the child(ren) will also relate in a comical way to Rabbit either wanting to have the walk end because she is ready to stop walking, or maybe Rabbit wants someone to carry her because she likes being held.

We have identified legitimate research papers and gleaned the lessons learned from each one. Thus, this story promotes phonetic awareness, builds vocabulary, and is useful as a transition from picture book to early reader. It also facilitated educational discussions as noted above. And, finally, it is written and illustrated in such a way that it should not be annoying and tiresome to read several times. (As an added bonus it is also a short story so that you can get the child down for a nap quickly.)

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  • ISBN/Varenr: 9798355426200
  • Utgivelsesdato: 30.09.2022
  • Utgivelsesår: 2022
  • Forlag: Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp
  • Innbinding: Heftet
  • Serie: Naptime Stories
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Personer: Phillips, Darin, Mondejar, Ninanirelle R
  • Litteraturtype: Skjønnlitteratur
  • Emne: Children's Books/All Ages
  • Målgruppe: Barn/ungdom
  • Aldersgrense: 0
  • Opplag: 0
  • Utgave: 0
  • Illustrert: Nei
  • Sider: 90