Neal Adams Classic DC Artist's Edition Cover B (Green Lantern Version)

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NEAL ADAMS IS REGARDED AS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT COMIC ARTISTS OF ALL TIME: A hugely influential and popular artist, Adams redefined the way comics were viewed by both fans and creators.

This Artist's Edition presents Neal Adams' original artwork scanned at high resolution and in color (though the art appears to be in black and white) so the reader can view pages and covers as close to their natural state as possible, mimicking the look and even the feel of original art.

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  • ISBN/Varenr: 9798887241814
  • Utgivelsesdato: 21.01.2025
  • Utgivelsesår: 2025
  • Forlag: Shop by Og
  • Innbinding: Innbundet
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Personer: Various,, Adams, Neal, Adams, Neal
  • Litteraturtype: Skjønnlitteratur
  • Emne: Graphic Novels
  • Målgruppe: Voksne
  • Aldersgrense: 0
  • Opplag: 0
  • Utgave: 0
  • Illustrert: Nei
  • Sider: 232