Amazonian Giant Centipede vs. Brazilian Wandering Spider

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The rain forests of South America are home to some creepy crawlers. Amazonian giant centipedes bite and paralyze their prey. But the venom from the Brazilian wandering spider is also deadly to prey. With venom against venom, which of these deadly insects would come out on top? Hi-lo readers will learn more about these insects' secret weapons and attacks through captivating text and vibrant imagery. Special features include profiles on the size, habitat, and range of these animals. Readers will not want to miss this fierce battle!
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  • ISBN/Varenr: 9798886878233
  • Utgivelsesdato: 01.01.2024
  • Utgivelsesår: 2024
  • Forlag: Love Hudson-Maggio
  • Innbinding: Innbundet
  • Serie: Animal Battles
  • Språk: Engelsk
  • Personer: Sommer, Nathan
  • Litteraturtype: Faglitteratur
  • Emne: Children's Books/All Ages
  • Målgruppe: Barn/ungdom
  • Aldersgrense: 0
  • Opplag: 0
  • Utgave: 0
  • Illustrert: Nei
  • Sider: 24